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“I have been using Investigative Solutions for about a year now, throughout the many states that I handle. I find it more than helpful that they too handle a wide stretch of states. Investigative Solutions goes out of their way to get rush cases completed and reports back to me in a timely manner. Not to mention they are such personable and friendly people.They call just to see what they can do to make sure the assignment was completed as we needed it to be and if they could improve their services in any way. Of all the investigation companies that I use, I would say this is the top of my list, I only wish they handled the other states that I do.”

Sr. Claims Examiner


Well, you guys do a great job of digging up people’s past medical records! Appreciate your help and prompt turnaround. Kathy

Bingo! Thank you! Love it when we get these great results!

Thanks, Robin. You guys sure know how to dig up some good STUFF! Keep it up and thank you!

I think you guys rock! You made my day!!! Thank you!

I talked to him yesterday and he did some really good intelligence work.  I’ve got a lot of faith in his judgement.

“I wanted to thank you very much for everything you did for the case on ____________. I appreciate it. You are doing a wonderful job for us. Have a great weekend!”  Anita

“And Thanks!! I’m reaping the benefits of your assistance with Lindsay.” Thanks, Debbie

Love you guys!! Amazing work (as always)!!